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here you will find all information about this pc game. some of them are posted below, the rest is on the gothic manual and previews subpage

Game Gothic 4 should be divided into several chapters, and will take place 10 years after the events in Gothic 3, which will be followed. Game world is about as big as the Gothic 3 and will be the southern islands. You'll find a diverse fauna and flora, sudden changes in weather, crop day and night cycle. The game will use advanced shader technology (for example, if you stand under a tree, not only that everything you see in the dim light of the realistic, but the sun will be on each sheet gently shine through as in reality).

Arcania: Fantastic graphics and a new name for Gothic 4

The fourth part of a series of gothic is now officially called Arcania: A Gothic Tale. Yes, that we will have some getting used to. Spellbound is developing a really good piece, and after what we saw, we consider it a good decision: Guerrilla looks really great.

Our presentation focused mainly on graphics. The one is rightly proud of Spellbound: Fantastic natural panorama with lightning (and continuous!) Draws on the screen, show consisting of trees and meadows, far-reaching grasses and rounded hills - just beautiful. Textures are charming: Surfaces trunks and stones are sharp and even plastic and does not excessively so.

Especially the lighting effects are subtle: When you run out of the dark room in daylight, the whole screen glare. All objects cast shadows that are distinguished by colors according to time of day. This will simulate a typical delusions of the human eye: red in the evening shadows look more blue than black.

The biggest impression left a weather system: If the rain comes, after a while the country looks wet, as water drip from the roof is visible and realistic. In prohlubeninách the country are small puddle - but once vysvitne sun, the water slowly evaporates. Something so realistic, we have seen.

The identity of the new heroes yet been disclosed. Game character walking in a pretty heavy armor and helmet deep forests. The battle system has just told Spellbound: The presentation of the hero running around with a bow and arrow around the village in which roamed human guards. When directed, the camera zoomed in for the player and the bearing arms cross swaying back and forth, which is emphasizing the breath of the player.

Longer target from this perspective, the hero gradually ubívaly body endurance. If the player fired an arrow at the enemy, the system calculates how the body will hit the enemy - the enemy should fall upon his knees, holding his shoulders, or frightened by the neck. Do not worry: These scenes are bloody, but are a little harder than fighting in earlier Gothic games.

Although the character development in the Videogame based on skill points and coaches as well as predecessors, Spellbound adds one detail: The more an action hero made, the better will be the skill to control. Something similar has already been in Morrowind and Oblivion, but calms Spellbound: This effect will be limited and will act only to a lesser extent. For example, archery, this means that the hero will be quieter hand and the bearing the cross to be as volatile.

Many more was seen. However, what we have seen, it is very surprising - Spellbound developers are, it seems a very good way, and already proved technically remarkable results. Whether the game itself is so funny, it is even seen.

After the split with Piranha Bytes JoWood raised the question of what will happen with the famous Gothic series. JoWood decided that dropping the well-known brands can not afford it and so in addition to expansion Forsaken Gods began to prepare for the regular follow-up. Hired for the experienced German studio Spellbound, which has had to be a tactical action from western environment Desperados. Actually, rather than a direct continuation could be talking about restarting the series. This suggests the change of name, where the Gothic word occurs only in the subtitle. Now we have the honor of Arcania: A Gothic Tale.

Along with the name change comes an exchange of the main character. For the first time to not take the nameless hero. This time we will play for the fishermen, but that was not so much innovations and will also nameless. With him to face our former hero who acts in the role of villain by the name Rhobar III. and king Myrtany. In an effort to expand its empire runs the fishing village where they happen to be living our new hero. He will have the motivation to defeat the tyrant care. If you find a former hero of the Savior of the world change the usurper suspect, so you're not alone. It seems that Rhobara III. controlled by a dark power. But guess we'll have to play in because the developers any more details about the story carefully melting. Rhobar III. not the only character from the previous parts, which appears also in Undisputed. We should look forward to another old friend, headed by Diego, Lee, Lester, or Miltenem. But whether the central figure of the past returns parts Xardas necromancer is still a mystery.

Adventure after Khorinis Myrtaně time and transferred to the southern islands. After the game we had to visit three, with up to 90% of the time we spend playing on the biggest - Argaanu. Local climate should be similar to the Myrtany seems, therefore, that we forget the icy plains of the type Nordmaru or arid desert as in Varantu. Waiting for us or any exotic as a tropical island in the Risen, flora should be the Central European character, such as we know from our region. In addition to forests and meadows, we can look forward to a mysterious and dark swamps. Now we run in the swamps to other familiar faces, although this time it will be a much less pleasant encounter. Here we run into the swamp to the sharks and bloody flies, which binds to numerous battles. Besides these swamps have their home and magicians inhabiting the ancient giant tree. The Guerrilla While further divided into magicians of fire, water and Kim, but no longer live together, just in cavity velestromu. The outraged fans questions as possible, meet the creators mysteriously - mages, they have substantial reason. But the question what the reason is no longer stubbornly silent. Probably has a strange affinity geeks roots in covert story game.

JoWood addition to the existing fan wants to reach new audiences, especially in America, where it's Gothic popularity and marketability just looking forward. The fact that he managed to turn this trend has taken several steps. American and European versions have a different color palette, and so while the European will be darker and more realistic, those destined for overseas players will be lighter and kýčovitější. It is also trying to simplify the game, which is a staunch fans received with obvious dismay. We must forget the coaches, without whom we could not in previous games to learn new skills. The Fallen Angel has just split the number of points awarded, similar to the system appeared to be in Two Worlds. After the coaches, we can let go and taste the trophies of killed animals. These are valuable sources of income especially in the early stages of the game past parts. Another simplification is the presence of the mini in the corner. It is similar to that of World of Warcraft, and should facilitate orientation. This would not be a problem, the worse is that it shows on the objective tasks, which is another fact, which the European community is not thrilled. Consolation might be that the mini is off so you can focus solely according to NPC guidelines.

Fighting is an essential component of any RPG, and the fiasco soubojového system in Gothic 3 was every fan wondered how the principle of Spellbound comes Alive. Impressions of the fights are rather contradictory. Nice improvement works magic, show it to be obligatory fireball. If you have this spell on a low level and a smaller fire rolls the ball, but improved after proper throw the ball a shade larger than those still in contact with the enemy explodes and ignites its vicinity. But considerably less active combat sword. The authors have tried to emulate the system from all hilarious Witcher. In practice, the duel with an enemy sword and blue from time to time as a player at that moment, clicked and made a spectacular figure and effective combo. Finally, although this system does not appear in the game remains the question of whether there will be no fights blunt klikačka without a modicum of tactics in Gothic 3 Regard to this part of the game they do not have big doubts.

Graphics Games has a very good, albeit somewhat artificial impression. The specialty engine is the formation of puddles in the rain water and realism at all, thus Spellbound boast at every step. The quality of the music does not know anything, but to overcome the high bar set by Kai Rosenkranz will be very difficult.

On her recovery but is still enough time Spellbound, was the Undisputed postponed until next year. The game has solid potential, but still has unfinished impression. We finally got into the hands of a decent continuation of the famous series, will need to pay to have a piece of Guerrilla quality work.

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